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Dr. Alex Lechin is a prominent leader in the medical industry, particularly within his area of specialty, pulminology. Because he is recognized as a leader in his area of healthcare, Dr. Lechin has published many online publications as well as scholarly articles. This is including publicly available general information through his blog, articles and some interviews with prominent entrepreneurial publications.

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Dr. Alex Lechin: Media & Publications

Dr. Alex Lechin is passionate about sharing information, and writes extensively on the topics of sleep health, lung cancer, Asthma, COPD and the importance of clinical research.

His writing can be found here: https://medium.com/@dralexlechin, and has written on various ways to overcome sleep problems, as found [here].


As Dr. Lechin indicates in this article, there are a number of options available to patients seeking to overcome sleep problems. He recommends consulting with your physician before seeking out one particular form of treatment over another. According to Dr. Lechin, most cities have an expert in sleep disorders, which is a great place to start when you suddenly experience difficulty with sleep. An expert can help you to determine whether you require the further treatment of a Pulmonologist such as Dr. Lechin.

Patients may consider the following courses of treatment, as recommended by their physician, according to Dr. Lechin:

  1. Benzodiazepine — usually used to treat anxiety, Dr. Lechin indicates that Benzodiazepines, if prescribed properly, may assist patients with sleep problems, too. These medications can reduce nerve activity in the brain, allowing you to get proper rest.
  2. Silenor — Silenor is a great option for patients who find it difficult to stay asleep. Silenor works to target insomnia in patients who experience short sleep periods and frequent waking.
  3. Belsomra — known as a ‘sedative-hypnotic’, Belsomra may provide rapid relief for those who need it, according to Dr. Lechin.
  4. Sonata — similar to Belsomra, Sonata is a great option for those patients who need quick relief. It acts as a hypnotic, meaning that it relaxes one’s brain, allowing it to enter a sleeping state.
  5. Healthy lifestyle — Dr. Alex Lechin always emphasizes the need for patients to adapt a healthier lifestyle, including losing weight, improving diet, abstaining from caffeine, alcohol, smoking and other drugs. He also recommends Melatonin for those who have difficulty calming their minds before sleep, as well as chamomile.
  6. Professional treatments — Texas Institute of Chest & Sleep Disorders offers a variety of professional treatments to patients who are not able to find relief in other ways. These treatments may include surgery, custom breathing devices, or implants to keep the airways open.


Dr. Alex Lechin also writes about lung cancer, including its causes, symptoms and treatments — as well as how to prevent it. He claims that lung cancer is typically caused by external gases which enter the body through the nose or mouth. Patients may notice a dull pain in the rib region, or a sharp pain in the chest, accompanied most often with a chronic cough which is usually dry. Dr. Lechin further notes that patients may also report breathing difficulties and suggests that patients see their physicians when they note any changes in their breathing capabilities.

He indicates that lung cancer is most often treated with chemotherapy, and — if serious enough — radiation. He states that some patients may also receive immunotherapy, or the training of a patient’s immune system to adapt a particular response, or, in some cases, surgery.

According to Dr. Alex Lechin, the best way to prevent lung disease is by refraining from smoking and being around second-hand smoke. Similarly, he stresses the importance of annual checkups to ensure any issues are detected as early as possible.



Texas Institute of Chest and Sleep Disorder

Website for Texas Institute of Chest and Sleep Disorders, a practice including Alex Lechin, MD, FCCP, Dean Anthony Nasser, M.D., pulmonologists specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases in Houston, Texas.

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Dr. Alex Lechin is a pulmonologist as well as a director at the Texas Institute of Chest & Sleep Disorders, located in Houston. He moved to the United States from Venezuela in 1978 to study at Southern Vermont College, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree.

Dr. Alex Lechin and Different Ways to Overcome Sleep Problems

According to the latest findings from the National Institutes of Health, 6% of the overall population is affected by insomnia. For those unfamiliar, this is a condition characterized by chronic sleeplessness.In particular, this means the patient finds it difficult or nearly impossible to get the necessary amount of sleep that they require.

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According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States. It causes approximately 150,000 deaths each year while over 230,000 people end up with it annually. Thus, although it is not the most common type of cancer, it is undoubtedly one of the most lethal.

Dr. Lechin – President of Texas Institute of Chest & Sleep Disorders.

You are always better off to do things honestly and openly. As a matter of fact, working together is the best situation for everyone. Dr. Alex Lechin comes from a long lineage of doctors who practiced medicine. He has been in the Houston area for many years and graduated from the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela in 1986.

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Dr. Alex Lechin is the go-to source for working at improving your life when suffering from sleep disorders. As President of the Texas Institute of Chest & Sleep Disorders, he helps people with Insomnia as well as many other common sleep disorders.